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Arms And Sleepers — Matador Remixed LP/Digital
  • EXC 008
  • Arms and Sleepers — "Matador Remixed"
  • LP/Digital
  • 28 May 2010

About the record

Following up on the idea of close collaboration with other musicians and artists – something that was highly emphasized on MatadorMatador Remixed feels like a natural and obvious next step for Arms and Sleepers. The latest release features 9 remixes by other artists and friends, and 1 remix by Arms and Sleepers themselves. Uzi & Ari, Lymbyc Systym, Amanda Rogers, Boy In Static/The Consulate General, The American Dollar, Nolens Volens, Thisquietarmy, Elika and Bigadiga all contribute and help create quite a diverse album, from snippets of R&B and club music to more mellow singer/songwriter moments to hypnotic electronica and trip hop-induced tracks. By the end of 44 minutes, it's clear that Matador Remixed is fully capable of standing on its own as a complete piece of music, independent of Matador and highlighting each of the artists' exceptional compositional skills. Every single track presents a unique and tasteful approach to song craft, making for a satisfying and complete listen from beginning to end. The feeling of nostalgia that is present throughout Matador still remains, but this time seen through quite a different lens – in fact, 10 different lenses each looking into quite a different direction.

Matador Remixed is Arms and Sleepers' 11th release and the band's first remix album. It's also the 4th release in 6 months, a busy time period which has seen the band touring Europe and North America, completing a few remixes of their own, and putting out 4 releases including the second full-length album Matador, a split EP with The American Dollar From The Inland Sea, Matador Alternate Versions/B-Sides EP, and the aforementioned remix album. Arms and Sleepers return to Europe for a month-long tour in May, 2010 promoting this latest release.

The first 100 units come on beautiful clear transparent vinyl which is only available direct from Expect Candy. All copies include a digital download code.

  • Track Listing
  • 01. Matador (Uzi and Ari Remix)
  • 02. The Architekt (Lymbyc Systym Remix)
  • 03. Twentynine Palms (Nolens Volens Remix)  MP3 download linkMP3
  • 04. Simone (Amanda Rogers Remix)
  • 05. Helvetica (The American Dollar Remix)
  • 06. The Architekt (The Consulate General vs Boy In Static Remix)
  • 07. The International (Arms and Sleepers Remix)
  • 08. Kino (Thisquietarmy Remix)
  • 09. The Architekt (Bigadiga Remix)
  • 10. The Paramour (Elika Remix)