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Arms and Sleepers hit the road again

ImageRight in time for the release of their new single "Time Will Tell" Arms and Sleepers hit European roads again. Check out the dates! The new album will be out in early 2017 (not a EXC release!).

Arms and Sleepers back in Europe

We're really excited to let you know that Arms and Sleepers will be back in Europe in March! And it gets even better, there will be more shows in Europe afterwards until the summer. It will be Mirza Ramic only in March, performing mostly tunes from upcoming releases which makes it even more exciting.

New arrivals in our shop

ImageWe've added several releases from the infamous Narshardaa Records to our shop. This includes releases from great bands like Arktika, Affenmesserkampf and Planks!


Last copies Kim Baxter's album on blue vinyl, Arms and Sleepers return to Europe

ImageKim Baxter's "The Tale Of Me And You" came out on March 15. We have like 2 or 3 of the 100 copies on blue vinyl left, you can order it through our Big Cartel store. Kim and her band played a great tour in Germany, Czech Republic, Austria and The Netherlands are back in Portland for a week now. Thanks to everyone who set up a show, went to a show and helped out in any way!

Next is Arms and Sleepers' return to Europe. Unfortunately 8 shows only, but great places & cities. Check out the dates section.

Pre-order for Kim Baxter's LP is up! Package deal available

ImageWith the official release date being March 15 we've just started to offer the pre-order for Kim Baxter's vinyl release of her masterpiece "The Tale Of Me And You". The blue vinyl is limited to 100 copies and only available from Kim and Expect Candy direct.

We've also decided to offer a special vinyl package through our shop now. It includes all 5 vinyl releases we've put out so far:

Kim Baxter - The Tale Of Me And You (blue vinyl)
Arms and Sleepers - Matador Remixed (black vinyl)
Chris Leo's Vague Angels - The Sunny Day I Caught Tintarella di Luna for a Picnic at the Cemetery (transparent green vinyl)
Make Believe - s/t EP 12" (black vinyl)
Amanda Rogers - Heartwood LP (black vinyl)

And all this for a very special price. More details in our shop!

2013: The devil's on my side

You didn't hear too much from us lately but that doesn't mean nothing happened. Here's the news:

Remember the single that was released from Arms and Sleepers's "The Organ Hearts"? That was "Tusk", accompanied by a great video. The digital single included a remix of "Tusk" by Helios and it was only available through Bandcamp so far. On December 28th it was finally released generally and is now available from a lot of shops like iTunes.

This release functions as the "Welcome back"-party for Arms and Sleepers. Sooner than we could have hoped for the two made the right decision to pick things up again. And when you think things couldn't get better: they have two European tours planned in the Spring and early Summer! This includes their return to Dunk! festival in Belgium where they'll share the stage with Maserati and others.

Jason is doing another solo tour as Polite Sleeper soon and also has new projects that are about to tour & release.

Last but not least - the newest addition to the Expect Candy patchwork family, Kim Baxter, kicks off her first European tour in Hamburg on April 11. Stay tuned for the full tour dates, they'll be coming up very soon. We'll also have news on the preorder for "The Tale Of Me And You" for you. What we can tell already is that there are 100 copies on blue vinyl (looks gorgeous!) that will be available through Kim while on tour and Expect Candy only. Other fancy stuff like a release show for the release and more coming up, too. And not to forget the release itself - "The Tale Of Me And You" is being released on March 15.

And as always, this is going to be the best record of the year, the best we ever released, more or less the (re)invention of music. Well, maybe not - it's damn good though and we definately wouldn't want to miss it.

In the meantime check out the video for "Devil On My Side" if you didn't see it yet:


Kim Baxter releases "The Tale Of Me And You" on Expect Candy!

ImageExciting news: Kim Baxter will release her debut album "The Tale Of Me And You" on vinyl with us! We know Kim for several years already, she also plays in the All Girl Summer Fun Band with Jen from The Softies and Kathy from The Thermals. This makes the fact we'll be part of this release even better, if that's possible at all. She self-released her debut album on CD last April, and we're happy to release this awesome piece of music on vinyl in March 2013. Kim and her band will be touring in Europe in April 2013 as well!


Arms and Sleepers say goodbye for a while

ARMS AND SLEEPERS will play the first of their three farewell shows (for a while) at TT The Bear's in Cambridge in 54 days. We all hope "for a while" won't be too long, but in case you don't know all of their releases yet we may have something for you:
We're now giving you the chance to get their releases on Expect Candy for a reduced price direct from us for the next month. This includes the MATADOR REMIXED LP, the BLACK PARIS 86 CD and even their latest album THE ORGAN HEARTS was reduced a little bit.
There are a few other releases that have a reduced price until August 8th as well - and we're also adding a few more releases from other labels to the store, starting with two records by the amazing XIU XIU.

Polite Sleeper tour Europe this spring

Finally spring seems to come around...and by the end of this month Polite Sleeper will be back in Europe, mostly playing shows in Germany and Italy, but also in France, Austria and Czech Republic. We've posted the dates, be sure to check them out.

Arms and Sleepers and Polite Sleeper on tour, Amanda Rogers recording

Arms and Sleepers will be back on tour in Europe next month - check out the tourdates and make sure not to miss them, could be the only dates in Germany this year.
Polite Sleeper will also be back in Germany in April - watch out for the dates to be announced some time soon.
And last but not least Amanda Rogers is busy in the studio, finally recording her new solo album as well as album number 2 for The Pleasants. She will be on tour in Germany in May and appear at the Orange Blossom Special Festival.

Arms and Sleepers on tour in February /// Expect Candy sale coming up

Long time no see. Here's what happened in the meantime:

Together with Mirza we've booked a tour for his band: Arms and Sleepers will return for a short European tour next February. See the dates on our website.

And now that the shows are all booked we're preparing a winter sale. Right, this means all Expect Candy releases will be cheaper for a while, and even some of the non-Expect Candy releases we have in our shop. The sale starts on Friday December 9th and will last for the rest of the year.

Amanda Rogers: solo shows in Germany

ImageFor the first time since the official release of Heartwood Amanda Rogers is playing solo shows in Germany - and that means in the good old 2004 style. Amanda, a mic and a piano on stage. Peta 2 and nothingbuthopeandpassion.com recommend the 8 shows. Right before Amanda is on tour with The Pleasants for about a month.

More Arms and Sleepers releases in our store

ImageWe're now offering a few releases by Arms and Sleepers on other labels in our store, too:

Black Paris 86 2LP
From the Inland Sea/Split w/ The American Dollar LP/CD

Shirts will follow next week.

Arms and Sleepers kick off Asia tour in Singapore

Just finished the massive European tour Arms and Sleepers are already preparing for their trip to Asia. Starting June 9th they'll play 10 shows in China, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia and the Philipines. Right after that four shows in Canada mark the end of the tour in support of the new album "The Organ Hearts".

Preorder for THE ORGAN HEARTS begins tomorrow

ImageTomorrow, on April 21, the preorder for the new Arms and Sleepers album "The Organ Hearts" will begin. The official release date is May 13, orders will ship a bit earlier so chances are good you'll have it before the official release date (not guaranteed though).

In addition you'll get something extra when preordering the album: A new Arms and Sleepers EP for free download. The EP will be released digitally only, and you won't have to pay for it if you preorder "The Organ Hearts". The EP will be available some time in summer, and you'll get an email with the instructions how to obtain it from us once it's available.

Arms and Sleepers European tour starts this Thursday

ImageHaving just finished a North American tour, Arms and Sleepers will kick off their massive European tour in support of the new album "The Organ Hearts" on April 14th in Heilbronn. The tourdates have just been updated.



ImageYou may have noticed we now have new stores where you can buy our releases direct from us, both traditionally on LP/CD or also digitally in probably every format you may desire. As an introduction to the new stores we have a discount code for you: put in "EXCSPRING" when checking out in the Bigcartel and/or Bandcamp store, and receive 10% off your order on LPs/CDs and 15% off your order of digital releases. The codes are good until April 20th.

Arms and Sleepers kick off their world tour in Boston tonight, the first show in Europe is taking place on April 14th. On May 13th the new album will be offically released, but we'll have some nice preorder offer for you, too. News on that very soon.

Arms and Sleepers announce new album

ImageWe're really excited about this one:

THE ORGAN HEARTS will be ARMS AND SLEEPERS' 3rd full-length record and will be released on May 13, 2011 via Expect Candy on CD + Digital. Guest appearances include Ben Shepard of Uzi & Ari on vocals and Philip Jamieson of Caspian on guitar. The tracklisting is below; the first single, Tusk, will be released on April 15, 2011 along with a remix by Helios.


01. Kepesh
02. Tusk
03. I Sing The Body Electric
04. The Afternoon Child
05. A Smile In Sofia
06. Antwerp
07. Serie Noire
08. Reprise
09. Yesterday's Child
10. Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye
11. Atelier
12. Airport Blues

It's so good!!


Arms and Sleepers digital-only mini album available for pre-order this Friday

ImageThis great little digital-only mini-album called "Nostalgia For The Absolute" by Arms and Sleepers functions as a teaser for the things to come starting in April - a massive European tour and a new full length album out in early May. While "Nostalgia For The Absolute" is an instrumental album, the upcoming, yet to be titled album will have vocals from Ben Shepard of Uzi & Ari-fame again.

While the official release date for "Nostalgia For The Absolute" is March 4th it will be available direct from us (Bandcamp) or the band starting this Friday, February 25th already. And not only that you'll have it one week earlier than those buying it from iTunes & Co., you'll also get a bonus track which will be available direct only and until March 4th only.

Arms and Sleepers announce tour dates & new album!

ImageArms and Sleepers announced their extensive touring schedule this spring today. Together with Ben Shepard they'll play a few shows in the US and Canada before kicking off their seven week-European tour in Mid-April. See the dates for more info.
In April Arms and Sleepers' third full length album will see the light of day, once again on Expect Candy. We're stoked!


Winter sale

ImageAs you will have noticed already the sale has begun, and will last until January 29th.

If you want to order any of our records these days make sure to check the sale website first as the reduced prices are only available there.

We wish you a great New Years Eve & a good start into 2011! Check back soon, we'll have some great news for you very soon.

Sale starting December 29th and more

This Wednesday (December 29th) our first winter sale will go online, with almost all our releases for reduced prices. The sale will go on for a month until January 29th.

"Black Paris 86", the debut album by Arms and Sleepers, will be repressed on CD one last time. It will be available mid-January from us and is also part of the sale.

The "Dates"-section was updated, you'll find the dates for the upcoming European tour by Polite Sleeper in February there.

New Arms and Sleepers teaser for 2011


Arms and Sleepers reveal their plans for 2011

Well, just a little bit - see yourself. More to come very soon.


News October 2010

ImageA quick overview on what's going on around Expect Candy these days. The bands and artists on Expect Candy are all quite busy:

Not too much to report here. Max & Mirza are working on their next album, which will feature vocals by Ben Shepard of Uzi and Ari again.

Chris had to cancel the tour that would have taken place next month. No further plans for his music-related activities as of now.

Amanda is focussing on her folk project The Pleasants right now. Their debut "Forests and Fields" will be released next month, and the European tour starts November 27th. Check out the tourdates on www.selmatravels.de.

...are also preparing their next record which should be out some time soon, with a European tour to follow.

If you didn't know yet, we've a Facebook page now: www.facebook.com/expectcandy.

Furthermore we're preparing a winter sale through our website for you with lots of reduced prices...watch out.


Bad news: Chris Leo's Vague Angels tour cancelled

ImageUnfortunately we have to announce that Chris Leo cancelled the tour scheduled for November due to personal/professional issues. We're really sorry about this, especially as it's absolutely up in the air if the dates will be rescheduled in the future.


Video for Arms and Sleepers - The Architekt

Ben Andrews, who already did an amazing job for Uzi And Ari, did a video for the Arms and Sleepers song "The Architekt" from their latest album "Matador". The premiere took place in Luxembourg on August 25th, and it's now available on Vimeo and YouTube. Thanks, Ben!


No news today

When there are no big news for the label we want to let you know something. If you plan to start a label you should consider what people only knowing the name but not what you're actually doing might think you do – ok, if you even add "expect" as we did this is probably unavoidable. Christmas candy anyone?

--- copied email begins ---

Dear Sirs

Is your catalog light on Variety to catch up the Christmas Selling Season
We have more than 100 Christmas Candies design to beef up your lineup.

The Christmas selling season is coming soon; Do you on worry about how to expand your market's competition?
Partner with us and you will never have to worry about your Candies selection lacking in variety.
We offer more than 100 Christmas design for your choose. our designs are including the Gummy lollipops, Marshmallow Lollipops
as well as Hard Candy and Chocolate.

To see samples of our extensive selection, visit our website today.

Best Regards

--- end of copied email ---

But we have some stuff to tell as well:

We still got colored copies of both our latest releases' vinyl editions! Only a hundred of each we made. The Chris Leo record comes in green, the Arms and Sleepers remix album in clear vinyl.

Chris Leo's Vague Angels will be on tour in November, just before Chris teams up with The Van Pelt once again to play the first European reunion show at the indoor edition of Primavera. Please have a look at the dates for the Vague Angels tour - we'll also let you know once the details for The Van Pelt at Primavera got confirmed.

Amanda Rogers will be back in Europe in December, but not playing solo shows this time. Together with Mike (the awesome guy you already know from Amanda's previous tours in late 2007 and spring 2008) she founded The Pleasants who have a first album out already. Amanda's new solo album "Hope from the forgotten woods" got delayed, but it looks good you'll be able to hold it in your hands next spring.

Vinyl download platform works again!

ImageFirst of all, sorry for our not working download website! Luckily the problem was solved today, so it's back to normal & working again. So for everyone who wasn't able to get the download included with our vinyl releases since June 4th until today please go to our download website to retrieve your downlod.

Sorry again, and thanks a lot for your patience!

Tours Tours Tours

Both of our new releases, the new Chris Leo's Vague Angels album and the Arms and Sleepers remix record, are out now. You can order them direct through the release pages or from the usual retailers. The limited colored vinyl of both releases is only available direct from us though.

Arms and Sleepers are currently in the last days of their second European tour this year, if you have a chance to catch them don't hesitate, this will be the last extensive European tour for a while.

Chris Leo's Vague Angels will finally hit European roads again this fall, too. There are different tours in the works for Chris Leo's Vague Angels, for Southern Europe, the UK and Germany/Austria/Benelux, too.

If you're interested in setting up a show for Chris Leo's Vague Angels please get in touch with us.

28th of May = Expect Candy day

ImageAlmost exactly six months after the latest release on our label, "Matador" by Arms and Sleepers, we're right in front of the big Expect Candy day with two releases coming out on the same day. Yeah, that's probably not too impressing on a general level, but for a small label like us it's a big day - especially because we absolutely love both releases!

So in exactly 10 days from now these two releases will be officially out:

Chris Leo's Vague Angels - The Sunny I Caught Tintarella di Luna for a Picnic at the Cemetery LP/CD/Digital

Arms and Sleepers - Matador Remixed LP/Digi

"Matador Remixed" also has the first new solo recording by Amanda Rogers in quite a while. She rerecorded Arms and Sleepers' "Simone" for the remix album.

Both LPs come with a dropcard for an additional digital download of the album; the Arms and Sleepers remix album won't be released on any other physical format, and the LP is limited to 500 copies. BTW, as we got several emails regarding this lately: We still have colored copies of both releases on vinyl! The colored vinyl is only available direct from us.

Oh, and people from the UK: Unfortunately Expect Candy day isn't happening before June 21st for you when both releases are officially released in the UK - both releases will be available digitally worldwide from May 28th though.


Arms and Sleepers on tour

Since last Wednesday Arms and Sleepers are on tour in Europe again. Be sure you don't miss them! Click "Dates" to see the full schedule.

The preorder for "Matador Remixed" has started very well. If you're interested in the colored vinyl be sure to use the preorder - these copies won't be available elsewhere.

Like us on Facebook!

Expect Candy is on Facebook now. If you are, too, why not join us there?

Arms and Sleepers Preorder has begun

ImageFrom now on you can preorder your copy of the limited vinyl release by Arms and Sleepers, "Matador Remixed". It includes remixes by Lymbyc Systym, Amanda Rogers, Uzi & Ari and many others. 100 copies on clear transparent vinyl are only available direct from us.

To preorder your copy, please click here.

The preorder for the new Chris Leo's Vague Angels records still goes on, just go to the release page to preorder your copy. Same thing here: 100 copies of the vinyl were pressed on green transparent vinyl, only avaiable direct from us. This release is available as a CD in a beautiful recycled Digipack, too.

We are also offering some package deals on the preorder page for the Arms and Sleepers remix album, just follow the link!

Arms and Sleepers - Matador Remixed Preorder info

This Sunday, April 25, the preorder for "Matador Remixed" by Arms and Sleepers begins! This is a limited vinyl-only release; and the 100 copies on clear vinyl are only available direct from us!

We'll also offer some package deals, if you need another of our releases as well. And as announced before, the preorder for the new Chris Leo's Vague Angels album has already begun. 100 copies on colored vinyl were pressed, and these are only available direct from us.

If you preorder one (or both) of the new releases you'll definately get colored vinyl as long as we still have copies of these.

thefourohfive.com & Chris Leo

Some of you probably know the British online mag thefourohfive.com. Here's a good reason to check it out: They just put a text written by Chris Leo online. Check it out here: http://thefourohfive.com/articles/2800

More info on the pre-order for the upcoming Arms and Sleepers Remix album within a couple of days!


Pre-order for new Chris Leo album starts today!

ImageStarting today, April 3rd, you can pre-order the new Chris Leo's Vague Angels album! Just check the release page and use the usual order function. Your record will be shipped before the official release date! And for those of you interested in the vinyl version - the first 100 pre-ordering the record will get the limited colored vinyl.

Stay tuned for further updates, we'll also offer some package deals including the upcoming Chris Leo album soon (these won't include the colored vinyl though).

Have a great and sunny weekend!

Arms and Sleepers Remix album

ImageChris Leo's Vague Angels' new record is coming out in two months & we're already preparing another release. Max & Mirza, also known as Arms and Sleepers, had some friends and other musicians do remixes of the songs on "Matador" - the list of bands and artists participating includes names such as Amanda Rogers and Lymbyc Systym. The ten remixes will be released as a limited pressing on vinyl only (including a download code) and digitally.

This record should be available in time for Arms and Sleepers' second European tour this year starting in early May. We've posted the first run of dates now, too. Information on pre-ordering will be posted soon for both upcoming releases.


The return of Chris Leo

Image2010 starts calm for Expect Candy, but soon we'll be able to make many announcements. More soon. One that we've made a long time already will finally become reality: Chris Leo's Vague Angels new album is finished. Expect an early summer release date. The vinyl will come with a digital download coupon, the CD in a recycled Digipack packaging.

Arms and Sleepers European tour 2009/10 starts today!

ImageWe hope all of you enjoyed the holidays. Today Arms and Sleepers kick off their third European tour. Be sure you don't miss them - tour starts in Luxembourg today. Until January 15th Ben Shepard from Uzi and Ari (Own Records) will do the support together with the Arms and Sleeper guys performing Uzi and Ari songs! The full dates are posted here on our website.
And if you don't have a copy of Arms and Sleepers' new album "Matador" yet, they'll sell it at the shows, of course. It's so good.

Arms and Sleepers: first wave of Euro dates announced

ImageHave a look at the dates section, the first wave of the dates of the upcoming Arms and Sleepers tour of Europe has been announced! They'll be touring together with Ben Shepard of the great band Uzi and Ari (Own Records). He plays with Max & Mirza, but also opens the shows with a solo set.

The pre-order of the "Matador" CD is going really good, thanks so much to everyone who ordered the CD already! Everyone who wants to buy the record, your CD will ship immediately so you'll most likely still get it before the official release date (mainland Europe: November 27th, UK: December 7th).

On our MySpace we've also posted a second song from "Matador" in addition to "The Architekt" which is also available as a free download.

Arms and Sleepers: new album & tour

The amazing Polite Sleeper record has just been released and the next new CD on Expect Candy is already around the corner. In the last weeks of this year we'll release "Matador", the new album by Max & Mirza aka Arms and Sleepers. An amazing debut full length and two European tours got them a lot of fans over here. In support of the new album the band will also come back to Europe right after Christmas until Mid-January, just as they did on their first tour with Birthmark 2007/2008.

The European version of the CD will come in a beautiful Digipack and with a bonus track not available anywhere else. The album will be available in digital format as well, of course.

Check out some songs from the album & further information through this nice Ecard. And if you like the songs - and we're sure you will - why not make a pre-order for the CD? Just go to the release page. If you order it now you'll definately receive the CD before the official release date.

Unfortunately the "Black Paris 86" CD is sold out, but you can still get it at most retailers as well as in digital format. We also have some copies of the 2xLP left, get in touch if you want one.

The soundtrack for this fall out now

Amazon Germany




Polite Sleeper: special pre-order offer

ImageIn four weeks Polite Sleeper's masterpiece "Lake Effect" will be officially released. You can already preorder the record from us, and we have some special offerings for you.

Preorder "Lake Effect" on CD and you'll receive the album in digital format two weeks prior to the official release date on September 4th.

Same as for Preorders from all of Europe, but you can also add one of these previous Expect Candy CD releases and get a special price:

"Lake Effect" & Amanda Rogers - Heartwood CD: 20 Euro incl. shipping
"Lake Effect" & Vague Angels - Truth Loved CD: 18 Euro incl. shipping

To order one of the 2 CD packages just make a Paypal payment to info@expectcandy.com - don't forget to include your up to date contact details!
If you want to order "Lake Effect" only just click here and use the order function.

Polite Sleeper: release date for new album has been set

ImagePolite Sleeper's new album "Lake Effect" will be released on September 4th in Europe; those of you located in the UK will have to wait until September 7th. We will make the album available on CD and in digital format through ITunes, Amazon etc.; to make you as excited about the release as we are you can download "Three Easy Steps" from the album for free now.

You can already order the album direct from us, but please take note this is a pre-order, the CD will be shipped so you'll have it in time for the official release date.

A European tour is in the works for October and a major part is already confirmed. Check the dates to see if you the band stops near by.

New band on Expect Candy: Polite Sleeper

ImageLadies and gentlemen, we have the pleasure to announce a new band on Expect Candy: Polite Sleeper are on board and will release their new album "Lake Effect" with us. 9 delicate moments put to tape - to be released in late summer/early fall.

More information on this record and other plans soon! Enjoy the warmth.

Polite Sleeper MySpace


ImageWe're still figuring out things for the upcoming releases so it's still about the good "old" ones. Amanda Rogers' album "Heartwood" still receives much interest six months after it's release so that there are some special things to be announced regarding this fantastic album.

All represses of the CD now come in an amazing eco friendly packaging. The digipack's plastic tray is made of 100% recycled plastic and the paper stuff around it comes in recycled quality as well. If you're rather interested in vinyl: Everyone ordering the vinyl directly from us now gets a free download of the album in MP3 format on top. Unfortunately we can only offer this for the vinyl ordered directly from us, but all future vinyl releases we'll put out will come with a digital download code no matter where you buy it. Nice?


Our last update for 2008. First of all, thanks for all the support this year. We hope we can count on you in 2009 as well. More on what's coming up next year soon, there are some things in the making.

Christmas is around the corner and Amanda Rogers has posted two songs for Christmas on the D.I.T. Records MySpace. By the way, her fantastic current album "Heartwood" is out in the States now as well. D.I.T. Records, the label run by Amanda herself and some friends, released it over there. Please check it out.

On January 2nd the second European tour by Arms and Sleepers starts in Frankfurt, Germany. Until the 13th they'll play shows together with Lymbyc Systym (Magic Bullet), on the 17th+18th two more shows together with Pg. Lost are following. We've posted the full dates now.

Speaking of Arms and Sleepers, their debut album "Black Paris 86" is currently available on Amazon Germany for a little less than 10 Euro. "Truth Loved" by Vague Angels is also available for the same price there for a limited period of time. So if you don't own these great albums yet this is your chance. And yes, we know it's obvious we wouldn't call these albums anything but great, but check these releases out yourself.

Have happy holidays and a happy new year!

Mira & Niels / Expect Candy

P.S.: Go vegan.

Arms And Sleepers back on tour in Europe

Almost exactly after their first European tour with Birthmark Arms And Sleepers will return to mainland Europe for a second tour. This time they'll be on the road with Magic Bullet's Lymbyc Systym from January 2nd - 13th and on their own from January 14th - 17th. If you should happen to be a promoter and interested in booking a show get in touch. The first confirmations can be found in the dates section.
We still have some copies of the 2xLP version of "Black Paris 86" available.

For the vinyl lovers, part 2: Black Paris 86 on vinyl

The debut full length by Arms And Sleepers is now available on vinyl as well. It comes as a double LP in a gatefold cover and has 2 songs more than the CD. It's a limited one-time pressing of 500 copies and won't be distributed in Europe, but we have some copies. You can order direct from us:

GERMANY - 19 Euro incl. shipping

EUROPE - 21 Euro incl. shipping

The limited Make Believe 12" is coming out on October 10th - you can already preorder it on the release website.


Vinyl lovers, please pay attention

ImageWhile the Amanda Rogers album is still getting lots of press and airplay our next release is already coming out in about a month. With our dear friends at Coraille we'll do a re-press of the first Make Believe EP - on vinyl! So far it was only available on vinyl with a print run of 250 copies which were sold out immediately. Now another limited edition of 500 copies has been made, and to make it even better it comes with a bonus song (6 songs in total). The record will be out on October 10th, preorder will start soon.

Amanda Rogers for Peta2

ImageToday is not only the release date of Amanda's new album, a feature on her collaboration with the german department of Peta2 was published today, too! As you probably know already veganism and animal rights are topics that Amanda has a strong opinion about. You can check out the nice interview here (sorry, in german only).
There's some stuff to win as well, and you're probably curious about the ad Amanda did for Peta2 anyway.
Thanks to the nice folks at Peta2 for making this happen!

Heartwood is coming out tomorrow

Finally..."Heartwood" is officially released in Europe tomorrow. Besides the usual sources (shops, mailorders, Amazon, itunes etc.) you can also order the record through our website from tomorrow on.
The first order through the Expect Candy website (the order option can be found on the "Heartwood" release website) will receive a free signed 2007 Amanda Rogers Euro tour poster (folded) along with the order. Just a nice little thing to give away - we know you'll order the record anyway. ;-)

Arms and Sleepers UK Tour

Arms and Sleepers are going to the UK for an impressive tour in late September. Check out the Dates section for more information.

Furthermore the double vinyl version of the bands current album Black Paris 86 is released in September.

Heartwood out on August 8th!

The official release date for Amanda Rogers' new album "Heartwood" has been set now: In Europe the album will be available on CD and LP as well as in digital format from August 8th on.

More releases are in the works, news on this soon!

Amanda Rogers: new album on Expect Candy

ImageWe're very excited to announce that we'll release Amanda Rogers' long awaited new album! "Heartwood" is going to be released on CD and vinyl and also in digital format in late July finally. After several delays everything is set now, and we can assure you that the new album is absolutely amazing.

Starting May 15th Amanda is also back on tour in Europe, for the first time with a full band behind her.

Vague Angels on the radio

The local campus radio station Hertz 87.9 did an interview with Chris Leo when Vague Angels played in Bielefeld last December. The show containing the interview and music by Vague Angels airs this Sunday at 12 PM CET. You can listen to it here: Radio Hertz 87.9

Orders & Arms and Sleepers eCard

Arms and Sleepers finished their first European tour last week. The tour went very well, and both Birthmark and Arms and Sleepers had a good time.

The order function for both records we released so far works now, so if you had problems before you can easily place your order now.

Furthermore there is an eCard for "Black Paris 86" now - check it out here

Take care
Mira & Niels

Arms and Sleepers European tour

Arms and Sleepers started their European tour yesterday. Make sure to not miss them if they play anywhere nearby! Please check the "Dates" section.

Arms and Sleepers - Black Paris 86 out on December 14th

ImageThe Arms and Sleepers album is available in digital format for two weeks already, and next week the physical CD version will finally follow.

Starting December 14th the album will be available through stores like Amazon as well as through selected mailorders and directly through this website, of course.

Directly after Christmas the band tours Europe for the first time, along with Birthmark (aka Nate Kinsella of Make Believe, Joan of Arc). See the Dates section for up to date show infos.


September news

As we didn't mention it here yet: here's our MySpace. Let's become friends!

We'll soon offer a possibility to buy our releases directly from our website! And the full version of our website will be ready soon, too. Now to the band news:

Vague Angels will play some shows in Germany, Switzerland and Belgium in November/December. If not noted otherwise all shows are with Tanakh. These are the dates, presented by SPEX and POPFRONTAL.DE:
29.11. CH-St. Gallen, Palace
30.11. D-München, Feierwerk
01.12. D-Würzburg, Immerhin
02.12. D-Dresden, AZ Conni
03.12. D-Hamburg, Hafenklang
04.12. D-Berlin, Lido (Vague Angels only, support for The Weakerthans)
05.12. D-Bielefeld, Kamp
06.12. D-Dortmund, FZW
07.12. NL-Utrecht, ACU
08.12. B-Antwerp, Scheld'apen
09.12. B-Aarschot, De Klinker

Arms and Sleepers' debut album "Black Paris 86", the follow up to their EP "Bliss Was It In That Dawn To Be Alive" (Fake Chapter) is finished. We've posted one song from the album on our MySpace already! The album will be available in late November as it looks right now. You'll be able to order it through our website. From December 27th, 2007 to January 13th, 2008 the band will be touring in Europe, together with Birthmark. That's Nate Kinsella, drummer for MAKE BELIEVE and cousin of Tim (Joan of Arc, Owls, Cap'n Jazz, Make Believe) and Mike (Owen). Dates will be announced soon.

Allie Total Blam Blam are still recording their long awaited debut album. We'll keep you posted.

Mira & Niels

Here we go

Welcome to our new website. Well, in fact it's still under construction, but it already looks a lot better than the first temporary website, doesn't it? The full website will be online some time during summer. We hope you'll like the design as much as we do! A big thanks to Arne @ Guerillamedia.org.

Next week our first release, the first album by Vague Angels from NYC called "Truth Loved", sees the light of day in some countries already. The main release date is April 27th though, and the UK has to wait even a bit longer (May 14th).

More releases are planned: albums by Arms And Sleepers and Allie Total Blam Blam. More on these records later on.

Mira & Niels