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New York City's Christopher Damien Leo took his time off after leading the influential indie rock bands The Van Pelt (Gern Blandsten) and The Lapse (Gern Blandsten, Southern) in the second half of the 90's. The release of the second and final album by The Lapse, "Heaven Ain't Happenin'", in 2000 was the last sign of his musical work for a long time.

Many may have thought they'd never hear anything new by Ted and Danny Leo's brother, but in 2004 Chris released a novel called "White Pigeons" (Fifth Planet Press). Chapter 7 of the novel is a record called "Truth Loved" (Expect Candy) by the fictitious band The Breaks that appears in the book - played by Chris Leo's current band Vague Angels. In spring 2006 a second album follows. "Let's Duke It Out At Kilkenny Katz'" (Pretty Activity) which once again coincides with a book by Leo, "57 Octaves Below the Middle C" (Fifth Planet).

So another book, another album. 2009 saw the release of "Feathers Like Leather" (Heartworm Press) which sold out its entire first printing in just 2 months, partially due to Art Books Distribution taking it on as the only book of pure writing in its catalog. The rhythm Chris has found goes something like this: touring on an album generates stories for another book which generates songs each time he reaches inarticulatable emotional extremes and lateral limbos in his stories and hence, in 2010 we are proud to release the third Vague Angels album "The Sunny Day I Caught Tintarella di Luna for a Picnic in the Cemetery".

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