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Maryland Tobacco

Maryland tobacco is used in American blended cigarettes, but primarily in certain Swiss cigarette blends. It is light air-cured tobacco,…

About the Plant

Tobacco plants are started with very small seeds planted in trays and cultivated in either greenhouses or well-managed plant beds. …


Burley tobacco is a light air-cured tobacco used primarily for cigarette production, specifically in the majority of blended cigarettes commonly…


Cigar tobacco is also referred to as “shade tobacco”, as is it commonly shaded under tents or canopies that protect…

Dark Tobacco

Dark air and dark-fired tobacco are primarily used for chewing, snuff, cigar, and pipe blends. The plant produces heavier and…

Flue Cured

Flue-cured tobacco is also primarily used for cigarettes.  The name "flue-cured" was developed from the method of curing where heat…

About Us

The tobacco production industry has witnessed a number of dramatic changes and challenges over the last several years. In the mid to late 90’s tobacco growers began to see the downside to the relatively high price stability and increased asset values due to the price support provided by the federal tobacco program put in place to manage supply and stabilize prices. Marketing quotas were reduced over time and the quality difference between domestic-grown and foreign-grown tobacco leaves narrowed and consequently, cigarette manufacturers began to use lower-cost foreign-grown rather than domestic-grown leaf. Domestic tobacco growers began having difficulty maintaining their competitive edge in the presence of the federal tobacco program under which quota rental and lease costs were accounting for an increasing portion of production costs.

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